01. We've just received a new [shipment] of summer wear, so all our spring fashions are on sale at half price.
02. The last [shipment] of convicts from Britain arrived in Australia in 1868.
03. The bike store has just received a big [shipment] of the newest model of mountain bikes.
04. Customs officials discovered a huge [shipment] of illegal drugs at the airport today.
05. Nike running shoes were found all along the west coast of the island after a freighter carrying a [shipment] of sports gear from the Far East sank in a storm.
06. The [shipment] of weapons bound for the rebel forces was intercepted by government troops.
07. The grain is being prepared for [shipment] to South America.
08. Striking dock workers have refused to load the [shipment] of wheat bound for the Middle East.
09. [Shipments] of cereal grains to poor countries declined significantly during the late 1990s due to reduced contributions by the United States.
10. Food-aid [shipments] to the region are needed immediately to prevent a serious famine.
11. [Shipments] of hazardous waste are generally transported by trucks because they can easily access industrial sites.
12. The port of Onomichi, Japan opened in 1168 and served as a rice [shipment] center for over 500 years.
13. The development of refrigeration allowed for the development of the beef industry, as the technology allowed for the storage and [shipment] of fresh meat.
14. We have a big [shipment] coming in tomorrow morning by train so we'll need to have additional staff on hand.
15. Police intercepted a [shipment] of cocaine which had been hidden in furniture imported from South America.
16. We need to unload this [shipment] of bananas right away.

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